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Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are available nationwide through on-site courthouse searches and database searches. We recommend running several on-site county criminal background checks for the most accurate picture of a candidate.

Our dedicated team of researchers retrieve data directly from the courthouses to ensure that the data returned to your company is timely and accurate. Generally, the turnaround time for a criminal background check is 24-48 hours.

Our team of criminal search specialists can help guide your company in the right direction. Give us a call at 732-321-0041 to learn more about our background check services.

Criminal Background Checking and Pre Employment Screening.

Instant Reports:

NBD's COPS PLUS National Criminal Report
A powerful instant multi-jurisdictional background check of state and county criminal records databases. C.O.P.S. quickly returns offender information in a condensed and easy to read format.

Rapfinity National Criminal Report
The Rapfinity instant background check searches third-party databases to find all names and aliases associated with a subject's social security number (SSN).

NBD Multistate Sex Offender Report
Comprehensive data includes sex offenses from multiple databases in the nation.

Criminal Background Checking and Pre Employment Screening.

Manual/Delayed Reports

Nationwide Federal Criminal Report
A federal criminal background check returns offenses committed against the government such as drug trafficking, embezzlement, bank robbery, or tax evasion.

County Criminal Background Report
Searches show all felony or misdemeanor filings as maintained within each court. Included are any charges filed, indictments, disposition date, final disposition, sentencing information, and any verifiers listed on file.

State Criminal Background Report
A county level criminal background check is conducted in all county courts for statewide coverage.

Criminal Background Checking and Pre Employment Screening.

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Criminal Background Checking and Pre Employment Screening.

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