Nationwide pre-employment screening, criminal conviction database searching, and background checks. Qualifying businesses receive their first criminal database free of charge. Call to inquire about volume discounts.
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Criminal Records

Criminal searches are conducted on the state, county, and federal levels.

On-site County Criminal Search

On-site Federal Criminal Search

On-site Statewide Criminal Search

Criminal Background Checking and Pre-Employment Screening.

On-site Criminal Search Considerations
Every state has its own policy regarding the type of information that is databased by state or county courts.

What does this mean? Depending on which state you need to run a criminal conviction database search in, different types of records may be found - corrections records, statewide court records, and sex offender records.

Corrections records
These records are available only for criminals who spent time in a state institution. If a criminal did not serve time then these records will not be available.

Statewide court records
Statewide records usually show detailed information for persons who were convicted or pleaded guilty, regardless of whether they served time.

Sex offender records
Many states offer these records for criminals convicted after a certain date (varies by state).

On-site searches (whether statewide or countywide) are searched at the county level. On-site statewides are recommended over statewide court records, but these are not available for every state.

When conducting a criminal conviction database search, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Use a Name and Address Verification Search to find all past and present addresses and aliases associated with a social security number.
  2. Check our Statewide Search Database to see what records are available for the states where the subject has lived in.
  3. If statewide court records are unavailable, run an on-site statewide search.
  4. If the state does not contain on-site statewide searches, conduct a county search on the specific counties involved with the subject.
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