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Criminal Records - Page 2

Although instant statewide criminal database searches are excellent cost-effective tools, it is necessary to understand that they ARE NOT 100% accurate. According to FBI statistics, even official police statewide criminal database searches are not 100% complete.

Most of our instant statewide criminal database searches are convictions only and some have ONLY corrections/jail data and NOT felony/misdemeanor court records data. Some states also DO NOT UPDATE their records regularly. To determine if a state has exceptions with this search, please use this state considerations search box.

If your instant criminal database search returns a record, we recommend you submit an additional 'on-site countywide criminal record search' in the county in which the record is located for secondary confirmation, especially if the criminal record will be used in part to deny employment or promotion.

When ordering a "confirmation search," please e-mail or call us and we will obtain actual copies of the criminal case for your records.

Questions about criminal records? You can contact us via phone at 732-321-0041, e-mail, or by contact form.

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