Nationwide pre-employment screening, criminal conviction database searching, and background checks. Qualifying businesses receive their first criminal database free of charge. Call to inquire about volume discounts.
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Mortgage Document Retrieval

Our mortgage and real estate document retrieval division focuses on returning nationwide information for the following:

    •  Mortgage / Deed of Trust
    •  Assignment
    •  Satisfaction / Release / Discharge
    •  Modification Agreement
    •  UCC

Advantages of IQResearch Document Retrieval

We specialize in the NY/NJ/PA area.

  • An average turnaround time of 24-48 hours.
  • Fees range from $15-35 per search, depending on search volume.
IQResearch can accept your search requests via e-mail, spreadsheet, or fax.
  • Unique database system reduces your no-finds through county & zip-code verifications
  • Previously searched items will be flagged and highlighted by our database system, eliminating duplicate requests
Copies can be emailed back to you as a Tiff-F document.
  • Improves your paperless workflow through emailing documents
  • Value-added service with no additional fees
Convenient login and online access of copies via secure website.
  • Previous search results available from six months to one year
  • Archived copies from large projects can be stored and delivered to you by CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with no additional cost
  • Any large volume files for any time period can be archived
Customizable and private labeling of worksheets.
  • Deliver search results with your company's letterhead and graphics to your clients
  • Retains your firm's branding rather than ours
Priority walk-in recording services are available.
  • We can save you time and money by filing on your behalf with a dedicated service staff.
  • No hidden fees - detailed expenses of all county filing surcharges are forwarded to you.
A full time customer support staff is always available.
  • Our dedicated, full-time customer service team is ready to respond to any phone or email question.
We offer document imaging and online archival of results for up to 6 months of secure access. Large volume requests may qualify for a volume-based discount.

Criminal Background Checking and Pre-Employment Screening.

Questions about our document retrieval system? You can contact us via phone at 732-321-0041, e-mail, or by contact form.

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