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Frequently Asked Questions for Background Checks

Getting Started With Our Background Check Services
How do I get started with background checks?
What forms need to be filled out before I can begin background checking?
Our account has been created. Is there an instruction manual?
Iím an individual and I do not represent a business. Can I still use IQ Researchís background check services?

Background Check Pricing
Where can I find a price list for background checks?
Does IQ Research offer volume-based discounts for background checks?

Background Check Security
Are my background checks and data confidential?
Is IQResearch secure? What is TruSecure™?

Technical Questions
Why canít I export data to my own computer?
Iím a Mac user. Can I still use IQResearchís services?

Background Checks and Background Checking
When can I do background checks and access my account?
How long will my background check take?
What does it mean when no results are found when I do a search?
How can I view previous background checks?

How will I get my report?

Why are there fewer services for legal professionals and law firms?
Where do you get your background check information?
What are the legalities regarding background checks?
Can I find out if someone has already been investigated by another company or if he or she is applying for another job?