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IQResearch Pre-Employment Screening and Employee Background Checking. Don't let an applicant's past ruin your company's future.

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Pre-employment screening services by IQResearch can save your company time and money. Keeping your company safe shouldn't mean spending your entire budget on pre-employment screening.

At IQResearch, we can provide timely, affordable and accurate background checking and pre-employment screening services for your company.

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Criminal Background Checking and Pre-Employment Screening.

Question of the Day

How Should I Conduct a Background Check or Pre-Employment Screening on a Prospective Employee?

1. When conducting a background check, the first search you should use is the Social Security TRACE. This search will reveal an applicant's past and present addresses and provides an excellent starting point for future searches.

2. Run an on-site county search for each address returned from the SSN TRACE search. On-site searches return the most accurate information - in addition, the county courthouses are updated more frequently than other sources.

3. As an additional check, we recommend running a multi-state instant database product which may result in several hits nationwide.

4. Depending on what industry your company is in and the position being filled, you may want to conduct more specialized searches on your applicant.

For example, if your company is hiring for an accounting position, you should also run a credit check in addition to the searches described above. A candidate's credit history is a fairly good indicator of financial responsibility - a history of bad debts and defaults would be a large red flag. After all, if a candidate isn't responsible with their own finances, how can they be trusted with yours?